Yellow Bumpy chilli plug plant


An attractive, very fragrant and hot habanero producing unusual top-shaped fruit that are pastel yellow with a bumpy surface.

Heat level: approx 130,000 SHU

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Yellow Bumpy 
(Capsicum chinense)

The name of this attractive habanero refers to the fruit, which are pastel yellow with, well, a bumpy surface. They have an unusual top-shape and measure about 30 x 35mm in size. Their other distinctive feature is a beautiful citrus aroma, which is in abundance when a fruit is broken open. The plants are just under 70cm tall, with an 85cm spread. If you like your chillies hot this is a great one for the kitchen, while also being a stunning ornamental.


Additional information

Heat level

400 SHU


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

Fruit are teardrop shaped, measuring 1.2 x 2.0cm; they start lime green and ripen to a golden yellow. When ripe the fruit are fruity flavoured.

Plant characteristics

Tidy, bushy plants. Do very well in large pots, but also perform well in pots as small as 1-2 litres.