Wiri Wiri plug plant


Coming from Guyana, this small, round, fragrant chilli is the ‘real deal’ for Caribbean cooking.

Heat level: approx. 88,000 SHU

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Raj’s Wiri Wiri
Capsicum chinense

The name ‘wiri wiri’ refers to the round, habanero type of chillies that originate from Guyana. Raj’s version comes from our guyanese friend who has lived in London for many years, every year growing his favourite chilli.

Raj’s Wiri Wiri has medium-size fruit  ­that measure about 13mm in diameter and change from green to red as they mature. Though not as hot as many habanero chillies, they still pack a punch at 88,000 SHU. The plants are medium height, with fairly spreading bushes making it well-adapted to growing in containers.

This is the real deal Caribbean variety that adds authenticity to the cooking of the region.