Turtle Claw chilli plant


An unusual variety yielding masses of worm-shaped, superb lemon-flavoured fruit on tidy, bushy plants. This variety quickly becomes most cooks’ favourite.

Heat level: approx 96,000 SHU

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Turtle Claw
(Capsicum chinense)

The twisted, knobbly fruit of this delicious variety measure about 9 x 38 mm, and mature from light green to pastel yellow. The fruit are very hot with a distinctive mix of both habanero and lemon flavours. The plants are very productive and have a compact, bushy growth habit that makes them ideal for growing unsupported in pots. All things considered – flavour, heat, compactness, productivity – this is one of our favourite habaneros.

This variety is often nicknamed “Finger Naga” in the Bangladeshi community due to its strong fragrance that is similar to naga chillies.

Heat level: 96,000 SHU (very hot)
(For more information on heat levels see How to Choose the Right Variety)



Additional information

Heat level

100,000 SHU – that is very hot!


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

The fruit are strange, knobbly and elongated with a blunt end, measuring about 9 x 38 mm in size. They start a pale lime green and will ripen to a pale yellow or almost white. Despite their low key colour, their flavour is superb! Citrusy, fruity…. very nice.

Plant characteristics

Bushy plants that will be wider than they are tall. The plants do well in small pots, e.g. 1 litres, but will produce bigger plants in bigger pots. They need more water than most chillies. They are very productive, with branches being laden with fruit.