Trinity plug plant


A high yielding chilli with bold, deeply-grooved, red fruit with a particularly likable, fruity aroma, and a heat level that makes it manageable for most people.

Heat level: approx 40,000 SHU

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Capsicum chinense

A red fruited habanero that has a gentle heat, and produces copious yields.

The deeply-grooved fruit of Trinity are quite erratic in shape and size, but can be as large as 30 x 65mm. They turn from lime green to red as they ripen and, as with other habaneros, are distinguished by a likable fruity aroma that adds a distinctive flavour to salsas and chilli sauces. They are not, however, overly hot, and are more manageable in the kitchen than other habaneros.

The medium-sized, spreading plants are absolutely laden with fruit, and need support to stay upright.

Heat level: approx 40,000 SHU (hot, but at the low end of the hot category)
(For more information on heat level see How to Choose the Right Variety)

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Additional information

Heat level

40,000 SHU … this is hot, but at the low end of the hot category, and much, much less hot than many habanero chillies.


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

The fruit are deeply-grooved and quite erratic in shape and size, but generally are around 30 x 65mm in size. They start green and ripen to a red. The flavour is very fruity, making them wonderful for sauces and chutneys.

Plant characteristics

Plants are medium sized, and if grown in a container the pot should be 7.5 litres or larger. Plants will need some form of support to prevent them falling over. They are extremely productive – branches can be completely laden with fruit!