Tinkerbell plug plant


With three or four wings spread out from the bottom the fruit have a vaguely bell-like appearance.

Heat level: medium
(approx. 13,000 SHU)

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Capsicum baccatum

Seed of this chilli was originally given to us by an Italian agronomist in 1999. Other than that, we know little about it except that the variety belongs to the group of chillies known as Bishop’s Crown or Friars Hat, which in turn is a variation of Uba Tuba and Wrecking Ball.

Tinkerbell has perhaps the oddest shape of any pepper we sell – three or four wings spread out from the bottom of the fruit, giving them a vaguely bell-like appearance. The centre of the chilli is quite hot, while the wings have no discernable heat. The fruit are deep red when mature, and the flesh is fairly thick and has a crunchy texture. For such an odd chilli, Tinkerbell is surprisingly versatile – the fruit are great when used raw in a salad or stuffed with mince meat and baked. The plants are large and undisciplined, and produce decent yields of fruit fairly late in the season.

In the winter unpicked fruit do not fall off the branches, although the leaves do. These branches make a wonderful Christmas decoration.

Heat level: mild (approx 13,000 SHU)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety

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