Super Tramp plug plant


One of the easiest chillies to grow, Super Tramp is early, high yielding and hot. Does well in pots. Recommended for beginners, but a great chilli for everyone.

Heat level: approx 36,000 SHU

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Super Tramp
(Capsicum annuum)

An early and productive cayenne bred by Sea Spring Seeds. The fruit are about 60mm long and turn from light green to red with maturity. They measure a respectable 36,000 SHUs, and are produced on short busy plants about 35cm tall. The plants can be grown in pots as small as 13cm in diameter, but they will do better if the pots are bigger ­– at least 19 to 20cm is perfect. The plants have a tendency to bend over at the roots so they are good in hanging baskets, though they are easily kept upright by using bamboo canes for support.

Given its earliness, Super Tramp is the variety of choice for gardeners who intend to keep their chilli plants outdoors (though we always recommend growing chilli in a protected area); and is particularly worth trying in areas with a short growing season.

This variety is very similar to the popular American variety, Super Chile.

Heat level: approx 36,000 SHU (hot, but at the low end of the hot category)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety

A Sea Spring Seeds variety

Additional information

Heat level

36,000 SHU (Hot, but at the lower end of the hot category)


Capsicum annuum

Fruit characteristics

The fruit are about 5cm long and 1cm wide tapering to a point. They start a lime green and ripen to a red. When green the fruit have a tendency to develop a blackening where the sun shines on them. They grow in all directions, up, down and sideways!

Plant size

Plants are untidy bushes that benefit from some support. In 7.5 litre pots they will grow to 40-50cm tall. However, they do very well in smaller pots, and are capable of producing attractive houseplants in 1 or 2 litre pots.