Submarine plug plant


A fantastically-flavoured and aromatic chilli with stunning good looks. This yellow chilli is so good you’ll wish it was a submarine that you could live inside!

Heat level: approx 135,000 SHU

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Capsicum chinense

Sea Spring Seeds’ own take on the habanero chilli. The shrubby, medium tall plants have spreading branches that are laden with elongated fruit, measuring about 12 x 40mm. The fruit change from shiny green to sparkling yellow as they mature, and though they have a good bit of heat, what really makes them really special are their flavour and aroma – Submarine is without doubt the best smelling habanero we have ever encountered. But don’t take our word for it: grow a plant, crack open a fruit and take a whiff – only then will you see what we mean. This chilli is so good and so yellow, you’ll wish it was a submarine and you could live inside one!

Highly Recommended.

Heat level: approx 135,000 SHU (very hot)
(For more information on heat level see How to Choose the Right Variety)

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds

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