Sparkler chilli plant

Attractive, bushy and compact; and perfect as a windowsill plant. The chillies are thin, upright and very hot, changing from pastel yellow to red as they mature.

Heat level: very hot (approx 160,000 SHU)


(Capsicum annuum)

Sparkler produces very attractive, compact plants with elongated, pointed fruit that are 30–35mm in length. The fruit are remarkably hot and grow upright above the foliage, changing from pastel yellow to orange to red as they mature. Though somewhat late to ripen, Sparkler has the potential to yield masses of fruit, and is ideal for growing in both small and large pots. Brilliant.

Approximate heat level: 160,000 SHU (very hot)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds