Spaghetti plug plant


A one-of-a-kind chilli producing fruit that are impressively long and unnaturally thin.

Heat level: medium
(approx 8,500 SHU)


(Capsicum annuum)

A one-of-a-kind chilli with extreme fruit that are impressively long (over 30cm), unnaturally thin (about 7mm), excessively wrinkled and very pointed. They are, however, quite mild and easy to dry because of their thin flesh.

Though plants are fairly late to mature, Spaghetti is capable of producing copious numbers of fruit that hang from the branches like, well, spaghetti. The plants are very big, and support must be provided to keep them from falling over as well as to stop the branches from snapping off. Because of their size, the plants are best grown in the ground or large pots at least 7.5 litres in volume.

Heat level: medium (approx. 8,500 SHU)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety

A Sea Spring Seeds variety