Paper Lantern plug plant


A very popular habanero, and for good reason – plants are extremely productive, and the very hot, smooth skinned chillies have a lovely flavour.

Heat level: approx 300,000 SHU

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Paper Lantern
Capsicum chinense

The plump, oval fruit of Paper Lantern, measuring 25 x 65mm, are bright red when mature and have a nice fruity aroma. The bushy plants grow about 60cm tall and produce an abundance of very hot fruit. The plants are well-adapted to 7.5 litre pots and crop earlier than those of Orange Habanero, an equally popular variety.

If you have a fondness for particularly hot habanero chillies, then Paper Lantern is certainly one to try.

Heat level: approx 300,000 SHU (extremely hot)
(For information on heat level see How to Choose the Right Variety)

Highly recommended.

Additional information


Plug plant grown in a jiffy-7 pellet ready for potting on.


Capsicum chinense

Heat level

300,000 SHU

Plant size

Grown in a 7.5 litre pot can grow 80-100cm tall. Bushy.

Fruit description

Start green and ripen to a red
Roughly oval in shape, 25 x 65mm