Orange Habanero plug plant


A combination of beauty and the beast, Orange Habanero is deliciously flavoured and brutishly hot.

Heat level: extremly hot
(approx. 250,000 SHU)

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Orange Habanero
Capsicum chinense

A combination of beauty and the beast, Orange Habanero is a deliciously flavoured and brutishly hot variety that’s graced by good looks. The thin-fleshed fruit measure about 3 x 5cm and change from green to a stunning salmon orange as they ripen.

The heat and flavour of Orange Habanero work synergistically to bring authenticity to both Caribbean and West African cooking. Fresh fruit can also be used to make a top notch tomato ketchup as well as a first rate sweet chilli sauce.

The bushy, medium-sized plants are highly productive and flourish in pots from 5 to 10 litres in size. The main stems need to be supported, otherwise they will flop over.

Heat level: extremely hot (approx 250,000 SHU)
For more information on heat levels see How to Choose the Right Variety

Additional information


Plug plant grown in a jiffy-7 pellet ready for potting on


Capsicum chinense

Heat level

250,000 SHU

Plant size

Grown in a 7.5 litre pot can grow 80-100cm tall. Grown in a smaller pot plant will be proportionally smaller. Bushy.

Fruit description

Start green and ripen to an orange
Roughly an irregular cone in shape, 30 x 50mm