NuMex Twilight plant


Colourful and hot, the fruit start purple, then turn yellow, orange and finally red. They grow upright and are produced on bushy plants that grow well in pots.

Heat level: approx 30,000 SHU

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Currently the plants we are selling are growing vigorous and have some fruit on them. These plants will be beautiful, full plants by the summer.


NuMex Twilight (Capsicum annuum)

NuMex Twilight is a stunningly beautiful chilli with upright, cone-shaped fruit that measure 10 x 25mm. The fruit start purple, then change to yellow, orange and eventually red as they ripen. Since new chillies are continuously being produced, the plants display fruit at all stages of ripeness, creating a vibrant mix of colours. The fruit are hot and thin-fleshed, and can be dried or frozen for winter stews and curries.

Though they do well in the ground, the bushy plants are ideal as an ‘edible ornamental’ grown in a pot and kept in a conservatory or on a sunny windowsill in the house.

Heat level: approx 30,000 SHU (hot – but at the low end of the hot category)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety