Mulato Isleno Poblano plug plant


Poblano chillies¬†(also called ‘ancho’) are indispensable in Mexican cuisine. The fruit of this variety are large, heart-shaped and flavourful.

Heat level: very mild
(approx. 1,000 SHU)


Mulato Isleno poblano
(Capsicum annuum)

Mulato Isleno is a poblano chilli characterised by large, heart-shaped fruit measuring up to 8 x 15cm. The thick-fleshed fruit are mild and ripen from a dark green to a rich chocolate brown. The flavour is rich and complex, especially when the fruit are cooked. The plants are big and robust and should be grown in the ground, though very large pots will do in a pinch. Both the main stem and the branches must be given strong support, or they will snap under the weight of the fruit.

Poblanos, also known as ‘anchos’, are one of the chillies that define Mexican cooking. Wonderful roasted and great in stews, they are also terrific stuffed with meat or cheese to make the quintessential Mexican dish, chiles rellenos. A real gourmet chilli.

Heat level: very mild
(approximate 1,000 SHU)