Joe’s Long Cayenne plug plant


Fantastically long cayenne chillies growing on bold, upright plants. The fruit are medium hot and start green, ripening to a red.

Heat level: approx 22,000 SHU

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Capsicum annuum

Could this cayenne bear the longest fruit in the chilli world? Possibly, since the pointed fruit can grow more than 30cm in length, and so far the only other candidate for anything longer is the chilli variety, Spaghetti. 

The fruit turn from green to bright red as they mature, and their thin flesh make them ideal for drying. The plants are tall and gangly, and will need some support. They are better suited to growing in the ground or large containers.

Heat level: approx 22,000 SHU (high medium)
For more information on heat level see How to choose the right variety