Hot Chocolate chilli plug plant


Hot Chocolate is a tidy, bush habanero producing incredible yields of rich brown, fragrant chillies.

Heat level: approx 140,000 SHU

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Hot Chocolate 
(Capsicum chinense)

Hot Chocolate yields masses of attractively wrinkled fruit that mature from dark green to shiny rich brown. The fruit are shaped like elongated cones and are, on average, about 5.5cm long.

Typical of the habanero chillies, the fruit of Hot Chocolate are hot, and graced by a strong, pleasant aroma.

The plants have into a tidy bush shape, about 80cm wide and around 55cm high. Because of their short stature, plants do brilliantly in pots 5 to 10 litres in size.

Additional information

Heat level

400 SHU


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

Fruit are teardrop shaped, measuring 1.2 x 2.0cm; they start lime green and ripen to a golden yellow. When ripe the fruit are fruity flavoured.

Plant characteristics

Tidy, bushy plants. Do very well in large pots, but also perform well in pots as small as 1-2 litres.