Fire plug plant


Fire by name, and fire by nature… need we say more?

Heat level: extremely hot
(approx. 600,000 SHU)

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Capsicum chinense

n extremely hot habanero whose fruit give off a lovely sweet aroma when broken open. The fruit are shaped like elongated cones and measure about 6cm long. They ripen from green to red and are a welcome addition to the kitchen whenever lots of heat and flavour are needed.

The plants are medium tall and do best in the ground or large pots 10 to 15 litres in size. They need to be supported so that they don’t fall over.

Heat level: extremely hot (approx 572,000 SHU)
For more information on heat levels see How to Choose the Right Variety.

A Sea Spring Seeds variety

Additional information

Heat level

570,000 SHU, i.e. very, very hot!


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

The fruit on this variety can be extremely variable. The first to develop are often tiny, round buttons, but these are followed by what we consider to be more characteristic of the variety, i.e. a elongated wedge. They start green and ripen to a red, and the skin is wrinkled.

Plant characteristics

For best results the plants's roots need plenty of growing room, so they are better in a loose, deep and free draining soil or in pots 10 litres or more in size. Plants need some form of support to prevent them falling over.