Early Jalpeño plug plant


Medium-statured plants producing high quality, hot, thick fleshed fruit. Traditionally eaten green, these sausage-shaped chillies will ripen to a sweet, red.

Heat level: approx 33,000 SHU

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The sausage-shaped fruit of this variety have a medium thick flesh and are significantly hotter than either Telica or Jalapeño M, the other jalapeño varieties we sell. They measure about 2.5 x 5cm, and start out a lively green before maturing to a bright red.  The medium-sized plants are quite manageable and can be grown in either the ground or containers, though they will have to be given strong support.

The young, green fruit of jalapeños have a herbaceous, bell pepper flavour that puts its stamp on any dish to which it is added. Indispensable in both Mexican and Southwest American cuisine, they are as versatile as they are well known, and are equally at home when pickled, added to salsas, baked into corn bread, or sliced into rings for pizza toppings.

Heat level: approx 33,000 SHU (this is considerably hotter than most jalapeño varieties)