Dorset Zinger plug plant


A one-of-a-kind superhot producing fruit with a matt-red skin covered with pimples.

Heat level: superhot
(approx. 1,060,000 SHU)

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Dorset Zinger
Capsicum chinense

Dare we say it – another superhot chilli exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds. Visually the fruit are not particularly exciting – they are fairly small (20 x 50mm); change from light green to a matt red as they mature; and are distinguished by tiny pimples scattered over an otherwise smooth surface.

However, what Dorset Zinger fruit may lack in appearance they make good with their heat. Fruit grown at Sea Spring Seeds topped a million SHUs, making this a superhot that competes with the world’s very hottest. And for chilli heads wanting to grow an unusual superhot, Dorset Zinger could be just that.

The plants are medium tall, and should be grown in pots 7.5 litres or larger.

Heat level: superhot (approx 1,058,000 SHU)
(For information about heat levels see How to Choose the Right Variety)

A Sea Spring Seeds variety