Coffee Bean plug plant


An unusual chilli with tiny, round fruit on short, bushy plants that do well in small pots and look great on a sunny windowsill. The fruit are hot and fruity-flavoured.

Heat level: approx 77,000 SHU

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Coffee Bean
Capsicum chinense

Dominated by a powerful fruity aroma, the round fruit of Coffee Bean measure a tiny 6–8mm in diameter. They mature from green to bright orange and eventually red, at which point they truly look like ripe coffee beans. The plants are short and bushy, and are perfectly suited to growing in both large and small pots.

These chillies are very similar to the Guyanese Wiri Wiri chilli

Heat level: approx 77,000 SHU (hot)
(For more information on heat levels see How to choose the right variety)

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