Biquinho Red plug plant


A small-fruited Brazilian beauty producing an abundance of teardrop-shaped fruit with almost no heat.

Heat level: very mild
(approx. 50 SHU)

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Biquinho Red
Capsicum chinense

This Brazilian beauty produces an abundance of tear drop-shaped fruit that are only 2cm long and ripen from light green to bright red. With an almost undetectable level of heat, a crunchy texture and a distinctive flavour, they are a treat eaten fresh off the plant. You can also add them to stir fries, or pickle them in a sweet-and-sour syrup made from sugar and cider vinegar.

The tidy, bushy plants can be grown unsupported in 2 to 7.5 litre pots. They are late to mature and should be kept undercover throughout the growing season.

Of Brazilian origin, this chilli is known by several names. The two most common names are ‘Chupetinho’ and ‘Biquinho’, but others include ‘pimenta de bico’ and ‘chupetinha’.  The fruit are often sold in jars as pickled peppers, where they are called ‘Pearl’ and ‘Roquito’, depending on the manufacturer.

Heat level: very mild (approx. 400 SHU)
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Additional information

Heat level

400 SHU


Capsicum chinense

Fruit characteristics

Fruit are teardrop shaped, measuring 1.2 x 2.0cm; they start lime green and ripen to a golden yellow. When ripe the fruit are fruity flavoured.

Plant characteristics

Tidy, bushy plants. Do very well in large pots, but also perform well in pots as small as 1-2 litres.