Beja plug plant


A handsome, Eastern European sweet pepper that produces large, wedge-shaped fruit that have an excellent eating quality. They change from light green to red as they mature.

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Capsicum annuum

Hybrid. An Eastern European sweet pepper producing large, wedge-shaped fruit that change from light green to red as they mature. The fruit are mild-tasting when green, and sweet when red with a thick, juicy flesh. Yield potential is high, and the upright, medium-tall plants are easily grown in the ground or in pots at least 7.5 litres in size.

A very good sweet pepper that is generally easier to grow than bell shaped sweet peppers.

Additional information

Heat level

Sweet Pepper – so no heat whatsoever


Capsicum annuum

Fruit characteristics

The fruit are cone-shaped ending with a point at the tip. They start light green and ripen to a red.

Plant characteristics

The medium tall plants have an upright growth habit. For best results they need to be grown in large pots, or in the ground with loose, free draining soil. The plants are very productive and need supporting or they will fall over, especially when the branches are full of fruit.
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