Apricot plug plant


A delicately-coloured, very flavourful habanero with practically no heat.

Heat level: very mild
(approx. 700 SHU)


(Capsicum chinense)

Sea Spring Seeds’ very own – and very mild – habanero. The thin-fleshed, cone-shaped fruit measure about 2.5 x 6cm, and mature from a delicate lime green to a subtle salmon orange. Because they are almost heatless, you can enjoy their crunchy texture and fresh perfumed taste without fear of burning your mouth.

The medium-sized plants are quite tidy and disciplined, and can be grown, with some support, either in the ground, grow bags or pots 5 to 10 litres in size.

Apricot is a treat for cooks keen on introducing new flavours to their food. The fruit are particularly good raw, and are delicious stuffed or added to salads, sandwiches and drinks.

Highly recommended.

Heat level: very mild (approx. 700 SHU)
For more information on heat levels see How to choose the right variety

A Sea Spring Seeds variety

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