Currently, the chilli plants are well grown, healthy and growing fast. All the plants have fruit on them; some have ripe fruit, others only unripe at the moment. The Dorset Naga plants mostly have only a few small, immature fruit at the moment.

Mature Chilli Plants

Chilli plants grown in 1 litre pots. Most of the plants we sell are very attractive and suitable as house or conservatory plants. They can be kept in the 1 litre pot or re-potted into a slightly larger pot. They are, of course, all fully edible.

The plants of the “superhots” (Dorset Naga and Moruga Scorpion) are two of the world’s hottest chillies. They not suitable as ornamental houseplants. They need to be re-potted into a larger pot as they are likely to get quite large.

All chilli plants should be kept in a sunny, warm environment (sunny windowsill, conservatory, greenhouse or polytunnel).

The plants are sent out by first class post, individually packed in “blister packs” made specifically for the job. The packages will not fit through a letter box, so if delivery might be an issue please leave a note for the postman. Remember they MUST not be left in the sun.

The delivery and packaging cost (£4.50) of each plant is included in the price. There is NO EXTRA SHIPPING COST.

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