Spice Chillies

The 2018 season for chilli plug plant is now over.

We will start taking orders again in October, for delivery of plug plants in April/May 2019.


Plug plants are young plants grown in jiffy-7 pellets. They are sown in January or February, and will be ready for potting on when sent out in April/May

Spice-type chilli plug plants
The spice chillies are generally small-fruited and thin-fleshed, and are usually hotter than the vegetable chillies. They are used to add heat and flavour to a dish, but contribute very little bulk. In addition, they are ideal for drying and milling into a powder. Some varieties are small statured and very attractive, making them excellent houseplants as ‘edible ornamentals’.

Order accepted from October 2018; delivery late April/early May 2019.
Postage is a flat rate of £5.00

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