Habanero Chillies


Due to the very large number of pre-orders we have received we have temporarily stopped taking new orders. We will start our mail out on 20th April, and will continue processing the backlog of orders until they are all sent out, which will probably take 3 or 4 weeks. But don’t worry – WE ARE NOT OUT OF PLANTS. We simply want to be sure that we give good customer service with the orders we have. We will return to accepting new orders as soon as we can.


Habanero chilli plug plants

‘Habanero’ is the common name given to chillies belonging to the species Capsicum chinense. Another common name for these chillies is ‘Scotch Bonnet’, although this term originally referred to habaneros that are roughly shaped like a bonnet. Renown for their fruity flavour, it is a common belief that all habaneros are excessively hot. This is not true; there are habaneros of all heat levels. We offer habanero plug plants that range from extremely mild to excessively hot.

Plug plants are young plants grown in jiffy-7 pellets. They are sown in January or February, and will be ready for potting on when you receive them.

Ordering is simple; just select what you want – there are no set packages and no minimum number.

All plug plants are £2.50 each, except the superhots which are £3.50 each.


Packages will be sent out by first class post. The package will not fit through most letter boxes, so if necessary leave a note for the postman giving instructions on where the package should be left. We will send an email to you when your order is sent so you know to expect it the next day.

Postage is a flat rate of £5.00

For information on how to look after your plug plant(s) go to Gardener’s Information.
If you want to buy seeds please go to www.seaspringseeds.co.uk

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