Habanero Chillies

Habanero (Capsicum chinense) plug plants
‘Habanero’ is the common name given to chillies belonging to the species Capsicum chinense. Another common name for these chillies is ‘Scotch Bonnet’, although this term originally referred to habaneros that are roughly shaped like a bonnet. Renown for their fruity flavour, it is a common belief that all habaneros are excessively hot. This is not true; there are habaneros of all heat levels. We offer habanero plug plants that range from extremely mild to excessively hot.
Varieties on offer according to heat level:
Biquinho Yellow: 400 SHU
Apricot: 7oo SHU
Aji Limo: 35,000 SHU
Trinity: 40,000 SHU
Coffee Bean: 77,000 SHU
Turtle Claw: 96,000 SHU
Jamaican Jerk: 105,000 SHU
Submarine: 135,000 SHU
Orange Habanero: 250,000 SHU
Fatali: 260,000 SHU
Paper Lantern: 300,000 SHU
Devil’s Rib: 414,000 SHU
Order now; delivery late April/early May.
Postage is a flat rate of £5.00

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