Chilli Plug Plants

The plug plant season is now over. We will start accepting pre-orders – for a spring 2022 delivery – in October.

If you want a chilli plant check out our “Mature Chilli Plants” category.


Plug plants are young plants grown in jiffy-7 pellets. They are sown in January or February, and will be ready for potting on when you receive them in April or May 2021.

All plug plants are £2.50 each, except the superhots which are £3.50 each.

Ordering is simple; just select what you want – there are no set packages and no minimum number.

Packages will be sent out by first class post. The package will not fit through most letter boxes, so if necessary leave a note for the postman giving instructions on where the package should be left. We will send an email to you when your order is sent so you know to expect it the next day.

Postage is a flat rate of £5.00

For information on how to look after your plug plant(s) go to Gardener’s Information.
If you want to buy seeds please go to


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