We will sell mature chilli plants (in 1 litre pots) again in summer 2022.


Mature Chilli Plants
The chilli plants are grown in 1 litre pots. Most of the chillies we offer are very attractive plants, and suitable as house or conservatory plants. They are, of course, all fully edible.

The plants of the Dorset Naga and Moruga Scorpion need to be re-potted into a larger pot. They not suitable as ornamental houseplants.

All chilli plants should be kept in a sunny, warm environment (sunny windowsill, conservatory, greenhouse or polytunnel).

The plants are sent out by first class post, individually packed in “blister packs” made specifically for the job. The packages will not fit through a letter box, so if delivery might be an issue please leave a note for the postman.
The price includes the packaging and postage costs, so there is NO EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGE.

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