Dorset Zinger plug plant
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Dorset Zinger plug plant

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Plug plant of a habanero chilli  Capsicum chinense


Dare we say it ­ ­– another superhot chilli exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds. Visually, Dorset Zinger is not particularly exciting ­ ­– the fruit are fairly small (20 x 50mm); change from light green to red as they mature; and have an unusual appearance as the skin is distinguished by tiny pimples scattered over the surface. The plants are medium tall, and have yields that can be quite good.

What Dorset  Zinger lacks in appearance is made good in heat. The fruit of this variety top a whooping 1 million SHUs. And for chilli heads wanting to grow the latest superhot variety, Red Zinger has just arrived.

Approximate heat level: 1,064,000

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds

Red Zinger chilli peppers are a new Superhot

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