Hamik plug plant
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Hamik plug plant

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Plug plant of a Capsicum annuum chilli  Capsicum annuum

Yummy! is the only way we can describe this sweetest of sweet peppers. For the more technically minded of our customers, the sugar level of the ripe fruit we grew in 2011 measured between 11 and 12º Brix, putting them in the same league as our sweetest tomatoes.

The small, cone-shaped fruit measure about 4 x 6.5cm and have a thick, juicy flesh. They turn from green to a vibrant orange (when they should be picked) and are produced on short, compact plants that do well in pots. Hamik is not the earliest pepper to mature, nor is it the biggest yielder, but we feel these are minor quibbles when compared to the quality of the fruit – they are so good, we eat them straight off the plants. Bon appetite!

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