Chilli peppers and sweet peppers

Our pepper plug plants are young plants grown in jiffy-7 pellets 

dorset naga plug plant

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Sweet pepper plug plants


Ordering details

Mail out will start at the end of April. At this point the pepper plants will be ready for potting up, and in most places in Britain will be able to go straight out into an unheated greenhouse/polytunnel/conservatory.

Packages are sent out by first class post with Royal Mail. This means they will be delivered by your postman.The package will not fit through most letter boxes so if you are likely to be out please leave instructions where is should be left. Larger orders  – say over 20 plug plants – may be sent by courier.

Overseas orders will be sent by airmail. We cannot control how long the delivery will take, and no refunds or replacements will be made if plants are damaged due to a slow delivery. All risks associated with the delivery are with the buyer.

We are very happy to accomodate your specific requirements regarding delivery date.  We cannot agree to send your order out on a specific date, but we can agree on a specific week, or to send your order out after a certain date. In all cases an email will be sent to you the day your order is posted.

Ordering is simple: just order the varieties you want, in the quantities you want. There are no set packages.

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Delivery end of April / early May 2018

Postage is a flat rate of £5.00

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For information on how to look after your plug plant(s) go to Gardener's Information.


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