Learn how to grow chillies from the experts

Chilli Growing Courses

What’s Hot, What’s Not

Led by pepper expert, Michael Michaud, ‘What’s Hot, What’s Not’ are gardening courses that explore the diverse world of peppers and reveals the secrets of these unique and captivating plants. For keen gardeners looking for a new experience, they are a chance to discover the scorchingly hot chilli peppers used by Bangladeshis, Mexicans and West Indians; the gentle sweet peppers perfect for stuffing and frying; and the in-between kinds that give ordinary dishes a new lease of life.

The courses assume that participants have some gardening experience that they can build on. They mainly cover the 'how to' of growing, but also include other subjects, such as variety selection and harvesting. Growing in both containers and garden soil will be discussed, so no one needs to have a vegetable garden in the traditional sense to benefit from the course. Each course runs for about two and a half hours, by which time you should have learned enough to be able to successfully grow your own peppers.

Courses will be conducted at Sea Spring Farm. They will take place solely in our unheated tunnels and greenhouse, irrespective of the weather. So dress accordingly, and come prepared to learn.

Note: We have a strict ‘no smoking policy’ due to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Smokers may may be asked to wear plastic gloves while handling pepper plants.

Dates for chilli growing courses

Specific dates are arranged by agreement.

Though the courses are normally held in February (the start of the chilli growing season) and in August (when the chilli plants look their best), we are very flexible and can arrange a course at any time of year.

Cost of the chilli growing courses

Cost of a course is £250 + VAT and can be for up to twelve people. So the more people who get together to arrange a course the cheaper it is for each person.

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