Mature chilli plant delivery

Delivery Information for mature chilli plants

Chilli plants in 1 litre pots
Chilli plants ready for sending out to customers.

The chilli plants are sent out in large blister packs.

Packages are sent out by first class post (so will be delivered by your postman) or by courier, depending on what and how many plants you order.

For years we have not charged a delivery cost for our mature plants, but now we feel we have to – costs have gone up and because of changes at Royal Mail, a lot more orders now have to go by courier, which is more expensive.  The charge we have set is £7. We are truly sorry it is so high, but  for most orders this is actually less than it costs us.

We process plant orders as quickly as we can. Generally, orders are packed and sent out every day, Mondays to Thursdays, but not Fridays because of potential delays caused by the weekend. So, any order made on a Thursday afternoon, Friday and over the weekend will be processed the following Monday. However, it is just one person (me!) doing the orders and there may be some days I simply cannot do them all, so there may be delays.

If there is any possibility that you may not be there to receive the package when it is delivered please leave a note telling the postman/delivery guy where to leave it. Remember they MUST NOT be left in the sun for very long.

We will send an email to you the day your plants are sent. 

Chilli plant ready for posting