About Sea Spring Seeds

About Sea Spring Seeds

To buy seeds please go to: www.seaspringseeds.co.uk

Sea Spring Seeds is the sister company to Sea Spring Plants. Like Sea Spring Plants it is owned and managed by Michael and Joy Michaud at their nursery in West Dorset.

Sea Spring Seeds is an online vegetable seed company selling seeds of reliable, productive and good tasting varieties. In their search for the best, the Michauds run extensive trials at their nursery, where they look at yield, flavour and culinary utility.

Sea Spring Seeds is best known for its chillies
The company sells a large, discerning range of chilli seeds, many that are hard-to find or unique varieties produced through an on-going chilli breeding programme at the nursery. Dorset Naga, one of the hottest chillies in the world, was developed by Sea Spring Seeds. Other chilli varieties developed by Sea Spring Seeds include Stumpy, Spike, Turtle Claw, Submarine, Trinity, Apricot, Bellaforma, and many more.

Two packs of chilli seeds
Chilli seed packs


Spring Seeds also specialises in tomatoes. Every year variety trials are conducted at Sea Spring Farm in West Dorset to find the best flavoured and most interesting tomato varieties, and the catalog now offers over thirty varieties.

Golden Sweet tomatoes

Salad crops are also a main feature of Sea Spring Seeds’ range, with and emphasis on varieties with flavour and bolt resistance. We also promote ‘Table Top Gardening’ for time-stressed adults, children and anyone without a garden. 

Michael examining a lettuce variety trial.
Winter oriental salad trial





To buy seeds please go to www.seaspringseeds.co.uk


After all, why grow an ordinary vegetable when you can grow an exceptional one?