• Chillies: superhots (including Dorset Naga)

Plug plants: the World's Hottest Chillies

The 'superhots' are habanero chillies that measure over half a million Scoville Heat Units (SHU); and given the right environment some are capable of reaching heat levels in excess of a million SHU. These chillies must be treated with great care and respect. We have three rules: never dare, never bet and NEVER trick someone into eating a superhot chilli.

The superhots that we sell are all exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds. They are:

Fire: 572,000 SHU
Dorset Zinger: 1,064,000 SHU
Dorset Naga: 700,000–1,221,000 SHU
Bengle Naga
: 722,000–923,000 SHU

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Ordering is simple: just order the varieties you want, in the quantities you want. There are no set packages.

Orders will be sent out end of April / early May 2018

- - Postage is a flat rate of £5.00  - -


For information on how to look after your plug plant(s) go to Gardener's Information.

If you want to buy seeds please go to www.seaspringseeds.co.uk

Bengle Naga plug plant

A prolific superhot chilli producing pale green, almost white, fruit that ripen red.

Approximate heat level: 732,000–923,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Dorset Naga plug plant

One of the hottest chillies in the world, with a compelling aromatic flavour.

Approximate heat level: 700,000–1,221,000 SHU

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Dorset Zinger plug plant

A new superhot, Dorset Zinger does not have that classic wrinkled skin typical in superhots, but it does have a heat level in exess of a million SHUs

Approximate heat level: 1,064,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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Fire plug plant

Fire by name, and fire by nature...need we say more?

Approximate heat level: 572,000 SHU

Exclusive to Sea Spring Seeds
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